Bhagavad Gita - Song of God

Bhagavad Gita in English

with commentary by
Swami B. G. Narasingha

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 The Burden of Afterlife

Contrary to modern scientific and philosophical understanding, the Bhagavad gita says that this one life is not the all in all, and that there is life after death. There was life before coming to this material world and that life continues eternally. All that really changes is the type of body one has. For the pious there is future life in higher planes enjoying celestial pleasures, for the ignorant there are future sojourns within the bodies of lower species such as animals or plants, and for the yogi and for those who cultivate knowledge of consciousness and Super Consciousness, there is future existence beyond the material universes in the Vaikuntha planets. There, life is eternal and all bodies are of the substance known as sat-cid-ananda (eternity, knowledge and bliss). 

To avoid the unnecessary sufferings found in animal life, a person who has achieved the human platform should, with great determination and diligence, pursue the path of self-realization as outlined in Bhagavad-gita. 

The Greatest Charity

The root cause of all suffering in the world is a lack of understanding of who we are, where we have come from, what the purpose of life is and where we will go at the time of death. One who understands these things from the perspective of Bhagavad gita becomes full in knowledge, free from the illusion of the body as the self and ultimately defeats death. This is the highest gift and greatest charity that one can give a fellow human being.

The Best Yoga System

Shri Krishna is known as Yogeshvara, the Supreme Master of yoga, and although Bhagavad-gita discusses other yoga systems, it is the bhakti-yoga system that Krishna ultimately recommends. The yogi situated in bhakti-yoga is always engaged in devotional activities to satisfy the Supreme Master of yoga, Shri Krishna. Thus, the bhakti-yogi is always in complete control of his senses. Without control of the senses no one can perform meditation or engage in spiritual practices properly. Therefore, the bhakti-yogi is the topmost yogi because he is engaged in the topmost yoga system. 

Follow Krishna

Krishna has said in Bhagavad gita that what a great man does, the common men will follow (yad yad acharati shresthas tat tad evataro jana). Therefore, we call upon all good-hearted men and women of the world to hasten to the message of Bhagavad gita. Such a movement in the world, under the banner of Bhagavad gita, will surely bring about the greatest fortune and well-being of humanity. No greater good can be done than this and there is no greater time for this than the present.

ekam shastram devaki-putra-gitam
eko devo devaki-putra eva
eko mantras tasya namani yani
karmapy ekam tasya devasya seva

"The most ideal literature is Bhagavad gita, which was sung by Shri Krishna, the son of Devaki. The Absolute Truth is Shri Krishna. The topmost mantra to be chanted is the maha-mantra and the ultimate duty of everyone is the service of that one Supreme Person, Shri Krishna." (Gita-mahatmya 7)